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Part Number:TMCI381
Integral shank mitre cutter, PM M4 (ASP2004) sintered HSS steel, 38.1mm o.d. x 3/4" shank
Lathe Turned in the Strawberry Workshop
Heat treated by Stack Metallurgical- Portland
Ground by Nick Stoddard - Precision since 1971
Note:  Keep the cutters sharp.  Dull cutter teeth will work harden the tube material and lead to tooth damage or a shattered cutter.ASP 2004 Powder Metallurgy High Speed Tool Steel is an extremely versatile high speed steel that provides a unique combination of high wear resistance from the large volume of vanadium carbides with high impact toughness and transverse bending strength which are results of the fine grain size, small carbides and superior cleanliness of the powder metallurgy microstructure.  ASP 2004 offers improved cutting tool life and provides better toughness and wear resistance than high-carbon, high-chromium steels.
5 Stars
I have used the 38.1 and it is excellent ! You designed them the right way with a finer tooth which if I had gone to my toolmaker I was planning on having him do. Tim Paterek's cutters he had made were about the same as the VAR ones I have, which I always thought were too course. They cut fine but the higher tooth count cuts incredibly smooth. You are doing them right but so many builders are cheap and use those crappy hole saws. You will need to educate them in proper tooling as an investment and that a precision cutter is far and away better than what a hole saw does. I knew the value of a good cutter before I built my first frame, but most will see the price of yours and still go with a hole saw because they can buy 10 or more for the price of one of yours or a custom made one. Knowing which tooling direction to take is what makes the difference between a professional builder and an amateur one. I inform all my students on how to do it right and what they should ultimately shoot for as they progress in the craft in how they build and what they should build with. You can put me down as saying only a fool or poorly informed builder would not use one of your cutters, you are providing a much needed tooling product for this craft. Thank you for making these, because if you would not have I would have eventually. Paul
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Reviewed by:  from United States. on 10/3/2014

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