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Reynolds 3D Printed Titanium Dropouts: How They're Made

Posted by Andy Newlands on 11/3/2017

Reynolds Technology introduced 3D printed titanium dropouts to their range recently. As the title suggests, these dropouts are made by 3D printing or Additive Manufacturing (AM), rather than by traditional methods such as casting or machining. But how do you 3D print metal – and why would you want to?

Bicycle Adventures in Italy

Posted by Andy Newlands on 6/23/2017
Dr. Marco rides his Strawberry up the Preda Rossa in the Province of Sonrio, Italy, east of Lake Como close to Piz Bernina on the road to Bormio and the Stelvio Pass. He sent us this beautiful picture of his bike and the view.

Dutch Frameworks and Reynolds 921 Stainless Steel

Posted by Andy Newlands on 6/15/2017
Mike Maloney of Dutch Frameworks shares his thoughts on Reynolds 921 Stainless Steel.

Brazed Carbide Mitre Cutters in Process

Posted by Andy Newlands on 5/12/2017
Andy working in the shop to create new Brazed Carbide Mitre Cutters. This is the first step using the Pedrazzoli Band Saw slicing sections of the bodies for the cutter blanks. 

New Brazed Carbide Mitre Cutter

Posted by Andy Newlands on 2/3/2017

First test of the brazed carbide tube mitre cutter on Reynolds 953 stainless steel heat treated cycle frame tubing no. SS4000 (28.6x0.5/0.3/0.5) with HRC52. (Carbide hardness is in the range of 90-91 HRC. High tooth count diamond wheel ground by Gary McKenzie and the cutter body is 4140 steel turned in the Strawberry workshop by Andy.) Cut was indistinguishable from the cut of the 631 air hardening non heat treated steel tube. Hand fed at 325 rpm, cut time 11 seconds, painted-on Blasocut 4000 Strong coolant employed on my trusty 1957 model Bridgeport milling machine. Good news indeed.

Snow Day in Goose Hollow

Posted by Andy Newlands on 1/11/2017
It is not often that the Goose Hollow neighborhood in Portland gets a foot of snow, but it snowed all night and has not let up yet.  The photo is of our place home to Kelley and Andy, Winnie, Alba and Strawberry Bicycle, Torch and File wholesale bicycle framebuilding tools and supplies, Kelley R. Dodd Graphic Design and World Headquarters of the Oregon Bicycle Constructors Association.

Torch and File Review

Posted by Andy Newlands on 1/6/2017
Customer review and photo of product

Reynolds and Caterham

Posted by Torch and File on 4/11/2016
A follow up to our previous post, Reynolds continues to use their bicycle frame building tech to help make lighter cars. Read more about it at autoblog.

Exciting News for Reynolds

Posted by Torch and File on 12/17/2015
Reynolds, Caterham Cars, and Simpact are co-developing race car space frame chassis. Read all about it at Bike Biz.